Lebello Spun Bowl

The Spun bowls are decorative bowls made from spun aluminium the product are made from cooking pans

Lebello Accessory Penguin

Pen and Penguin are a series of functional containers and paper bins

Lebello Tray Hexa

The Hexa Tray comes in a hexagonal shape giving a contemporary feeling, with a luxurious solid clear alu base or in a brass, copper, black hardware

TON Coatstand Fleur

A simple coat stand with clear-cut contours

TON Ripple

The espresso coffee cup and water-glass with its rounded bottom, are served on a wooden platter that is shaped to resemble a circlular rippling water surface

TON Stand By 020

Its unpretentious look allows for a universal use

TON Stand By 015

This coat hanger with distinct TON lines combines several types of bends

TON Sled

The sled is a unique piece in our offer that still follows the principles of manual bending

TON Petalo

A design of this silent servant was inspired by the shapes of petals which were put by its author into four bent beech rods

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