We have our gorgeous TON ranges in either Solid or Wood Veneer in many styles and colours. We also have our WOGG ranges in HPL and metal – as well as many custom options available.

TON Table Lasa

A table with simple forms perfect for various interiors, thanks to the variability of the final finishing

TON Table Bloom 719

The table top of the Bloom table is held by three squared timbers that ramify from a common base

TON Table Granvin

This table is entirely made of solid beech or oak wood.

TON Dining Table Grand

This solid table combines solid oak or beech wood top with bulky legs. Its moderate appearance can appropriately complement a large number of interiors.

TON Table Jutland

This table bears some clear features of Scandinavian design – lightness, emphasis on shape, detail and functionality.

TON Table Leaf 442

German Award Winner 2016 The ingenious use of aprons evokes a feeling that the table top levitates above the base.

TON Table Malmo 706

Malmö table combines all the elements of Scandinavian design.

TON Table Stelvio

A large table with solid legs, rounded edges and timeless design.

TON Table Trapez

The Trapez table is spacious with an optically “light” look and provides you with maximum space while sitting at the table due to its thin plate.

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