Dining Chair

TON Armchair Moon

The Moon fully-upholstered collection is from the very outset developed with great emphasis being given to perfect seating ergonomics and stability

TON Chair Moon

Unobtrusive design combined with exceptional comfort

TON Armchair Punton

The main part of this classic Punton line is a round seat

TON Chair Split Upholstered

It is Based on manually bent split lengths of massive wood

TON Chair Simple

Simplicity of this chair lies in an elegant design based on fine bends

TON Armchair Tram

By combining a seat shaped by modern technologies and traditional bent rods, a chair was created bearing the distinct TON signature

TON Chair Malmo Upholstered

The upholstered Malmö Chair version offers a wider range of more comfortable seating variants in a simple Scandinavian style.

TON Chair Leaf Upholstered

IF Design Award 2017, German Award/Winner, Iconic Awards 2017 Selection. The seat and backrest from moulded plywood suggest a model of optical and physical lightness.

TON Chair Mojo Upholstered

Nabytek Roku 2012 / Good Design 2013 The all-wood cantilever was one of the few in the world that transferred wood bending technology into the spring pad.

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