Outdoor Furniture

SP01 High Bar Circular Table

Eileen is an outdoor table collection with an industrial-edge. The Eileen Circular is an elegant table designed for outdoors, with an aesthetic that will work well in both residential and commercial settings.

Lebello Armchair Skin

Lebello Skin, an outdoor dining chair with a woven rope seat surface.

Lebello Light Round

The Round Light is an outdoor LED minimalist lamp

Lebello Carpet Diagonal

Lebello outdoor rug with woven ropes.

Lebello Table Simple

An outdoor table with clean lines by Lebello.

Lebello Chair Sunny Arms Chair

A new version of Lebellos outdoor lounger.

SP01 Chair Chee

Chee is an ornate but contemporary bent wire chair designed for comfort.

SP01 Chair Chee Arms

The Chee Chair with Arms is a bent wire outdoor design defined by its beautiful and functional cross wire patterning and raked arms.

SP01 Stool Chee

The Chee Stool features the same radiating bent wire pattern of the Chee Chair, but with a lower back and armrest profile.

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