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We take pride in representing some of the world’s most renowned luxury furniture brands, handpicked for their leading design, superior craftsmanship and environmental commitment; they are not only beautiful but also have an enduring commercial viability which is second to none.

Ton Furniture

TON Furniture

TON manually bend their furniture in the same workshops where this unique technology has been in use since 1861. Today they meld their beautiful technique with contemporary designers’ thoughts. Their product connects quality, innovative shapes and a legacy.

Lebello Furniture

Lebello Furniture

Lebello is a premium outdoor furniture company, providing innovations for outdoor living with modern design, performance and superior craftsmanship. Lebello products can be found in some of the finest hotels and properties around the world.

SP01 Furniture

SP01 Furniture

SP01 is a new design brand featuring a collection of beautifully detailed, hand-finished furniture, conceived in Australia and designed and made in Italy. A truely international brand, with designs that would be as relevant in a New York studio as they would be in a central London terrace or beachside home in Sydney.

Tonik logo

Tonik Furniture

It’s iconic, and a bit ironic. It’s TONIK! A hospitality furniture brand wrapped around a full-blown design statement that pushes beyond boundaries and transforms everyday spaces into funky slices of paradise that connect people.

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