et al. Ambit Modular Seating System

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  1. General Details

    Engineered to meet different design needs, Ambit is a new customizable seating system, thanks to the presence of multiple modules available in different heights and sizes. Ideal for decorating collective spaces, waiting and welcoming places.

    “Ambit is an open, eclectic and sensorial system of chairs. The system was conceived for different collective contexts with multiple possibilities in terms of combinations – be it lengthwise of upwards – for either the centre of a room or along a wall. The proportions, as well as the chromatic and tactile relations between the fabrics of its parts characterise it and give it an identity, marked by lightness and serenity.”
    Giovanni Levanti

    et al Ambit Modular Seatinget al Ambit Modular Seatinget al Ambit Modular Seatinget al Ambit Modular Seating

  2. Technical Info
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