et al. Classy 1092 + 1092b

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  1. General Details

    Classy, a new and important collection of chairs designed by Luca Nichetto, a signature of international design chosen by the company for its ability to create balanced and contemporary projects.
    Composed by a chairarmchair and a stool, Classy is the result of an exemplary alchemy between functional elements and a particular aesthetic that together are found in the shell distinctive sign, gently modeled to ensure the highest standards of comfort and ergonomics.
    The shape is a light, elegant and elastic sign, made even more evident by the play of contrasts of the alternation of matt and glossy surfaces.
    A complete family for a wide variety of solutions that can lend free combinations for indoor and outdoor environments.

    Classy 1092 – Stool with 4 legs frame in steel tube. Seat in polypropylene 750mmH.

    Classy 1092b – Stool with 4 legs frame in steel tube. Seat in polypropylene 650mmH.

    “Through exceptional attention to details and a refined design, the Classy family of chairs finds a natural balance between functionality and elegance. Composed by chair, armchair and stool, all of the elements find their signature mark in the shell, whose sturdiness appears effortlessly molded as being folded in two. The juxtaposition of different surfaces, matte below and shiny above on the ample seat and viceversa on the enveloping backrest, creates a play in contrasts and increases the effect of demarcation between the parts. Available with a choice of versions for the legs, the Classy family of chairs offers a variety of solutions for different environments, while guaranteeing comfort and a touch of preciousness.” Luca Nichetto



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