et al. Cuba 623 + 623b

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  1. General Details

    Cuba is a family of seats in steel and injected polypropylene for the Community. Clean and sober lines give Cuba a universal character, suitable for all needs, for both exterior and interior. The steel frame, developed using a unique technique, envelops the seat like a frame.  Designed by Marc Sadler.

    ”  The ‘ objective was to ‘ get a modern classic aesthetics able to make the ‘ attention to detail its flagship. The result is a kind of Bauhaus modern functionalist and rationalist that reveals a particular innovation in technologies available in terms of industrial production of this type of ‘ sitting. The ‘ minimal tilt of the metal tube has created a highly distinctive alphabet conceptual and highly personal characterizes the beginnings of the collection Cuba presented a preview these days, and certainly capable of ‘write many other stories in the community and residential design world.  ”

    Marc Sadler

    Cuba 623 – Barstool – Barstool with steel frame, 4 legs. Polypropylene shell.  750mmH

    Cuba 623b – Barstool – Barstool with steel frame, 4 legs. Polypropylene shell.  650mmH



  2. Technical Info
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