Outdoor Rug Collection

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A range of outdoor rugs to suit any outdoor needs, to see the full collection please enquire.

BasketWeave Black Ink A, Black Ink B – Steel Grey
BasketWeave Mixed Grey
BasketWeave Taupe
BasketWeave Dew Charcoal Grey
Braid Apricot Tan
Braid Black Ink A, Black Ink B – Steel Grey
Braid Mixed Grey
Braid Taupe
ColourScope Seasons Diamond Grey
Contemporary Terrace
Honeycomb Coconut
Honeycomb Tibetan Red
Honeycomb Wasabi
IrishMesh Brilliant Blue, Snow White
IrishMesh Porcelain Red, Snow White
Knitted Aloe Green
Knitted Starfish Brown
Knitted Tarmac
Seasons Diamond Grey
Seasons Diamond Natural Khaki
Seasons Khaki
Seasons Stripes Almond and White
Soumak Weave Black Ink A, Black Ink B – Steel Grey
Soumak Weave Dew Charcoal Grey
Soumak Weave Grey, Almond, Taupe Stripe

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