TON Bench Gufy

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Use Goofy wherever you want to create a good atmosphere.

  1. General Details

    A playful design of Gufy bench with a number of different sized segments and backrests can be easily used as classic next-to wall seating unit as well as a closed relaxation area in an open space. Use Gufy wherever you want to create a good atmosphere.

    Design: Sam SanniaIT/EN

    Standard delivery time is 14 – 16 weeks including shipping, however, in some cases, this may take longer.

  2. Technical Info

    W600, D650, H460, Seat H460mm

    Weight for delivery:

    Volume for delivery:
    0.277 m3

  3. Finishes and Accessories

    TON Fabrics and Finishes 2020-2022

    Wood and Surface Finishes

    Available in:
    Beech Standard
    Beech Antique
    Beech Pantone/RAL

    Final colour and product configuration may vary.


    Wooden Floor – Felt
    Laminated Floor – Black or white
    Tiled Floor – Plastic – Black or White
    Carpet – Metal

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