TON Prag Chair

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SKU: Prag Chair Upholstered

Suited perfectly for Hotel FF&E, Conference, Office and Restaurant fitout and furniture. TON Prag Chair works in a range of spaces and settings.

  1. General Details
    design  /  RENÉ ŠULCCZ

    The design of the Prag Chair, much like its name, was inspired by the atmosphere of a traditional Czech pub – a place known for beer, eating and debating. A Czech pub interior often features a lot of wood, an earthy element that invites customers to feel comfortable and relaxed. This is the idea behind Prag. The combination of a traditional U-shaped seat with solid wood legs insures strength and longevity. These qualities are tested through 160,000 cycles simulating sitting, and also with techniques that model what is likely to happen in a pub. The chair can be finished in a wide array of colours and with an upholstered seat.

  2. Technical Info


    Width: 44.2 cm
    Height: 79.7 cm
    Seat Height: 47.4 cm
    Seat Width: 40 cm
    Seat Depth: 40 cm

  3. Finishes and Accessories

    TON Fabrics and Finishes 2020-2022

    Wood and Surface Finishes

    Available in:

    Beech Standard
    Beech Antique
    Beech Pigment

    Final colour and product configuration may vary.

    Wooden Floor – Felt
    Laminated Floor – Black or white
    Tiled Floor – Plastic – Black or White
    Carpet – Metal

  4. Documents
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