Tonik Bench Riptide

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SKU: Riptide Bench

RIPTIDE™ is a modular furniture seating system composed of three primary shapes capable of endless configurations made especially for hospitality and other commercial environments.

  1. General Details

    Seats, and Wishbones, and Benches, oh my. You can write your name and even draw an outline of a baby Unicorn with it. How cool is that? Once you’ve configured your masterpiece, keep it together with optional ganging plates. And by the Power of Grayskull, you can opt for added USB ports to charge digital devices when using the product indoors.

    Standard delivery time is 14 – 16 weeks including shipping, however, in some cases this may take longer

  2. Technical Info

    217.8x 72.4 x46.2 cm 


  3. Finishes and Accessories

    Available in:
    One-piece, rotationally moulded, specially formulated, high-impact polyethene with ultraviolet light stabilizers to reduce fading. 

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