Tonik Stool | Side Table Kanga

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SKU: Kanga

A versatile fun piece from Tonik, The Kanga is both side table and stool.

  1. General Details

    The KANGA, on the other hand, is a modern hospitality stool/side table with a sense of movement even when it is still. KANGA’s centre “pouch” shields drinks and phones from of the sun, for those rare moments when you aren’t sipping on a cold drink and scrolling through your Instagram feed.

    Standard delivery time is 14 – 16 weeks including shipping, however, in some cases this may take longer.

  2. Technical Info

    57.15x 53.34 x 46.30cm 


  3. Finishes and Accessories

    Available in:
    One-piece, rotationally moulded, specially formulated, high-impact polyethene with ultraviolet light stabilizers to reduce fading.


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