TONIK Swizzle Surface Light

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SWIZZLE Lamps are literally a swirl of form, function and stylish modern design.

  1. General Details

    Whether mounted on the ground or on a 60” stand, these illuminated pods of effervescence can set a romantic mood or keep the party going well after dark … inside or out.

    Standard delivery time is 14 – 16 weeks including shipping, however, in some cases this may take longer.

  2. Technical Info

    609W X 406H X 457 Dia (mm)

    6.8 kg

  3. Finishes and Accessories

    One-piece, rotationally moulded, specially formulated, high-impact polyethene
    with ultraviolet light stabilizers (to reduce fading). The commercial-grade
    Polyethene material is also FDA-approved.

    Cord Colours Available in: Malibu, Chartreuse, Fuchsia, & White


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