Vida Stonewashed Linen Duvets

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Vida Linen Duvets

  1. General Details

    Made in Portugal, this 100% pure linen is stonewashed, pre-shrunk and is anti-pilling. A dream to sleep in and extremely easy to care for as no ironing is required.

    The Vida Stonewashed linen is the finest linen available. This is one of those family heirloom products that gets better with age.

    Available in Natural, Dove, Pink, White, Ink and Charcoal

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  2. Technical Info

    Colours: Natural, White, Ink, Vintage Pink, Dove, Charcoal

    Benefits of Linen
    Linen is a very durable fibre. It is 30% stronger than cotton so sheets and duvets keep their shape.
    Linen has a high moisture absorbency, is hypo-allergenic, thermo regulating and highly breathable.
    Environmentally friendly – less water and chemicals to cultivate than other fibres.

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