TON Coatstand Fleur

A simple coat stand with clear-cut contours

Lebello Tray Hexa

The Hexa Tray comes in a hexagonal shape giving a contemporary feeling, with a luxurious solid clear alu base or in a brass, copper, black hardware

Lebello Accessory Penguin

Pen and Penguin are a series of functional containers and paper bins

Lebello Spun Bowl

The Spun bowls are decorative bowls made from spun aluminium the product are made from cooking pans

Lebello Light Round

The Round Light is an outdoor LED minimalist lamp

Lebello Carpet Diagonal

Lebello outdoor rug with woven ropes.

Lebello Carpet Pully

Round outdoor rug with metal detailing

SP01 Floor Mirror Michelle

A curved floor mirror with a marble stand.

SP01 Table Mirror Michelle

A curved table mirror with a marble stand

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