Award Winning Furniture

TON Petalo

A design of this silent servant was inspired by the shapes of petals which were put by its author into four bent beech rods

TON Table Leaf 442

German Award Winner 2016 The ingenious use of aprons evokes a feeling that the table top levitates above the base.

TON Chair Era 388 – Upholstered

German Design Award Nominee 2012 A backrest and a seat are embedded into the rest of the construction creating an interesting detail and a comfortable place to sit

TON Armchair Dowel

Interior Innovation Award Selection 2014 Attracts by noticeable and comfortable upholstery underlining the round shapes.

TON Chair Era 388

German Design Award Nominee 2012 Inconspicuous at first. Then it catches the eye with a clear craftsmanship.

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