Bar Stools

Tonik Stool Jigger

No other stool measures up to JIGGER. Get it? Measure up? JIGGER, a bartending tool used to dole out the right amount of booze? Yeah, TONIK is not only great at serving up jokes, but they're also pretty darn good at creating furniture that is straight up fun and functional.

Tonik Bar Stool Jux

This is JUX™ the beginning. Truly elegant hospitality furniture, our interpretation of bar seating and sets features stretched and continuous shapes that are folded and flared

TON Barstool 56

This barstool is based on model No. 56. Its distinct feature is the plywood fan filling the backrest.

TON Barstool Lyon 515

A barstool which supplements a Lyon set. It is clean in form with a slightly curved seat. A plywood or upholstered version is available.

TON Valencia Barstool

The barstool emulates the forms and characteristics of its namesake chair.

TON Barstool 18

This barstool is based on the traditional model No. 18. The backrest is filled with a bent detail, the seat can be upholstered. If plywood is used, four types of decorative reliefs are available.

SP01 Stool Michelle

The seat is made of curved moulded plywood, available in Natural Ash, Carbon Stained Ash or Red Lacquered Ash

SP01 Bar Stool Jeanette

Here Tom Fereday extrapolates on the suspended sling shape of the Jeanette collection, to devise a refined bar stool perfect for entertaining.

TON Banana Barstool

A barstool of the Banana model got its name from a banana-shaped plywood backrest.

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