Dining Chairs

TON Chair Merano

German Design Award Special Mention 2015 / iF Design Award 2015 The Merano chair combines the bottom design made of solid wood with harmonic shapes of bent plywood in the seat and backrest.

TON Chair 002

Interior Innovation Award Winner 2012 / German Design Award Nominee 2013 This minimalist and highly elaborate chair is a re-design of the classic model No. 14.

TON Chair Split

German Design Award Special Mention 2016 The Split chair links our more than 150-year-old technology with contemporary design.

SP01 Chair Clarke

A contemporary interpretation of the classic bistro chair, Clarke was designed for comfort.

TON Armchair One

A design of this armchair was inspired by history and bending possibilities.

TON Chair Ironica

A TON classic, the Ironica Chair is the perfect combination of retro style and simplicity.

SP01 Chair Chee

Chee is an ornate but contemporary bent wire chair designed for comfort.

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