Lebello | Mini Mogul Lounger

Outdoor Lounger in Dura Ropetek® step weave.

Lebello Chaise 7 Sun-Day

With many options to configure, the Lebello Chaise 7 Sun-Day is a must-have for lounging at the pool or deck.

Lebello Club 7 Puff Lounge

The soft and cosy club 7 puff standing puff stands elegantly on four solid brass tips and is a part of the tube Ropetek collection.

Lebello 4L Lounger Classic

The design features an Avant-Gard directional criss weave pattern that draws inspiration from our extensive archives of heritage weave patterns.

Lebello Hex 6 Carpet

Hex 6 Carpet is an outdoor hexagonal rug available in two sizes with woven in Gildo Ropes. A larger variant of our exclusive Tech-Ropes.

Lebello Kokoo Lounge Chair

the Kokoo Chair features Lebellos Ropetek Round woven through the frame the geometric version of the Circle lounger.

Lebello Kokoo Coffee Table

The perfect accessory to the Kokoo Chair

Lebello Club More Sofa

The More Sofa is a lightweight sofa. The Ropeteck weave series features an elegant tight cross weaves throughout.

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