Retirement Furniture

TON Dining Chair Santiago 02

Sitting comfortably at the table and rising with ease from the table.

TON Table Santiago

A square or rectangular dining table with a clean design and well-considered details.

TON Santiago Relaxation Chair with Headrest 02

The seat of the relaxation chair is made from a combination of PUR foams with different levels of firmness, which ensures great seating comfort and stability.

TON Santiago Relaxation Chair

The PUR foam backrest of this relaxation chair is shaped in the form of a bent leaf and simulates the feeling of a warm embrace.

TON Table Malmo 706

Malmö table combines all the elements of Scandinavian design.

TON Table Ink 44

More than meets the eye, the TON Ink table is a classic design with a twist.

TON Table Chop

A timeless solid wood table, made with quality craftsmanship.

TON Table Leaf 442

German Award Winner 2016 The ingenious use of aprons evokes a feeling that the table top levitates above the base.

TON Table Jylland

This table bears some clear features of Scandinavian design – lightness, emphasis on shape, detail and functionality.

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