SP01 Sofa Max

Inspired by the quintessential Italian sofa, the Max Sofa sits full to the floor, its silhouette subtly traced by an express seam detail creating a feeling of discreet luxury.

TON Sofa Dowel

This wider variation of the Dowel armchair can serve as a comfortable settee in your living room, office or waiting room

TON Santiago Relaxation Double 02

The two-person settee is a partner to the relaxation chair

TON Santiago Relaxation Triple 02

The three-person settee can be used as a sofa.

TON Bench Gufy

Use Goofy wherever you want to create a good atmosphere.

TON Bench Diner

A modular bench system with its fine design suits both residential and public areas.

TON Sofa Casablanca

The bench of the Casablanca seating system stands out through its clean upholstery, comfort and variability, allowing its use in various types of interiors.

SP01 Sofa Ling

Ling is a beautifully detailed and elevated seating range with chameleon-like qualities.

Tonik Love Seat Goby

According to Wikipedia, GOBY “are fishes of the family Gobiidae.” Gobi is also a desert within China and Mongolia.

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