Why consider Procurement Management with our team?

Added April 26, 2022

Procurement for hotels, hospitality and commercials projects is at the core of our business. We work closely with interior designers, architects and specifiers to enhance the design process.

Since 2016, Statement iD has delivered FF&E procurement solutions for hotel, hospitality, aged-care and commercial projects in New Zealand and the Pacific.  We are independent Procurement Specialists who work alongside the clients’ design team.

Statement iD are FF&E procurement specialists, this is the core focus of our business.  We offer procurement services of FF&E and OSE/HOE for hotels and resorts throughout New Zealand and the Pacific.  Our service offering can cover a complete turnkey solution or simply delivering a joinery and furniture package. We work from the early budget development stage,  through to design fine-tuning and furniture manufacture, to final installation.

We work with interior designers, architects and specifiers to enhance the design process with our thorough understanding of FF&E and HOE. We source broadly from a proven group of local and international suppliers and manufacturers, to balance budget considerations and successfully deliver the design intent. 

One recent example of a full procurement proposal was the QT Hotel Viaduct Harbour project  which was completed in 2020. Procurement management can also mean that we help clients with specific needs across a project, as we did with Wild on Waiheke  where we delivered seating and manufactured tables for this client.   

Our procurement focus starts with project management, we have finetuned work processes that have been developed for both new-build fit-outs and refurbishments.  We have a complete understanding of the commercial and operational complexities of our clients in the hotel, hospitality and commercial sectors which enables our team to add value at the get-go.

The pursuit for original, authentic and fit for purpose commercial FF&E highlighted some standout international brands that would serve our hotel, hospitality and commercial clients well. We now represent a select range of international furniture designers and high-pressure laminate brands Lamitak and Dekodur.

Our central Auckland showroom is a space for clients to visit and gather inspiration, give the specified seating the all-important “sit test” or work through specified fabric finishes.  Moreover, we pride ourselves on finding FF&E to fit the client’s requirements, we go above and beyond to source for the client’s design brief.  We have a depth of experience in project costing and value engineering to meet the project budget. We are skilled at delivering cost-effective solutions that come in within the budget, whilst not compromising on design integrity.

Operating within supply chain constraints that the global pandemic has created has highlighted the benefits of our comprehensive project management skills. Ordering, tracking and delivery timeframes have now become a comprehensive area of its own. Our team are highly skilled at keeping track of key lead times, ordering timeframes, stock levels and constraints alongside the project timelines.

Site installation is the final piece of the puzzle, and this includes working closely with project managers and contractors to bring in every FF&E item. This is where considered design does play its part. We consider site access, level access and installation of larger furniture items to complete a seamless project.  We have also worked across the Pacific which requires freight, container packing and receiving goods offshore.  Lava Hotel, Apia Samoa is one such example of our recent work in the Pacific.

Our Procurement Managers would love the opportunity to have a confidential discussion about your upcoming project.  We always use robust information to make decisions, we are well informed about supply markets for FF&E for the hotel, hospitality and commercial sectors. At a minimum, this includes costs, but it can also include finding innovative suppliers, or collaborating on product enhancements to achieve the design intent.

Our team bring energy, passion and innovation to every project.  They are expert at managing a variety of different moving parts, analysing information, managing stakeholder and supplier relationships.  We are masters in the art of negotiating on price and other intangible factors and all these factors contribute to the total value we deliver.

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