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Added July 27, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that Australian luxury furniture brand SP01 has partnered with Statement iD to bring their stunning designs to New Zealand shores. Conceived in Australia, and designed and made in Italy, SP01 have created a truly international collection with the help of three world-class designers;

Kiwi designer Tim Rundle has designed a range of sofa seating, mirrors and side tables for SP01. His collection of stripped back interpretations of classic designs, highlights the use of luxury materials such as brass, fluted glass, marble and velvet, and these refined forms creates strong silhouettes and enduring style for both commercial and residential environments.

Now based in London, Rundle has had an illustrious career for someone so young. After working on the Air New Zealand seating systems Skycouch and Spaceseat here in New Zealand, Rundle was employed as head designer of furniture and lighting at Tom Dixon. The Kiwi has recently branched out on his own, sparking the collaboration with SP01, of which the standout favourites are Shu-Ying and Caristo armchairs. Both hark to an aesthetic of days gone by but are given a modern twist through their materiality, and are perfectly suited for offices, eateries and home.

Acclaimed Italian design studio Metrica have also designed a range for SP01, and their collection of soft seating, dining tables and chairs respond to the unique demands of both commercial and residential environments. Metrica’s ethos focuses on rigorous design and the honest use of materials such as ash, plywood, pewter and brass. Firm favourites from Metrica are the Anita chair and Max modular sofa due to their simple, elegant lines, and the Holland range of tables, consoles and a writing desk.

For their first ever outdoor collection, SP01 employed Australian designer Tom Fereday to design a luxury collection of tables, barleaners, dining chairs and stools. The elegant series strives to create enduring designs, that reference nature and speak to the inherent strength of the materials used such as wire, steel, marble and timber. Mentored by Marc Newson, Fereday is a rising star in the design world due to his understanding of materials and form, and he embraces both to create designs that connect seamlessly with the environment and the people using them. The Jeanette and Chee chairs are making waves for their sophisticated lines and durability, and stock levels of each design will be available in New Zealand from September in time for the warmer months ahead.

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