SP01 Wall Mirror Michelle

A curved wall mirror with a marble stand


Interior Innovation Award Winner 2012 and German Design Award Nominee

TON Hoop

Hoop is the first of a range of accessories for interiors available in the TON portfolio.

TON Merano Trolley

Up to 13 upholstered - or 14 plain chairs, can be stacked, one upon another

TON Petalo

A design of this silent servant was inspired by the shapes of petals which were put by its author into four bent beech rods

TON Sled

The sled is a unique piece in our offer that still follows the principles of manual bending

TON Stand By 015

This coat hanger with distinct TON lines combines several types of bends

TON Stand By 020

Its unpretentious look allows for a universal use

TON Ripple

The espresso coffee cup and water-glass with its rounded bottom, are served on a wooden platter that is shaped to resemble a circlular rippling water surface

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