Retirement Furniture

TON Electric Recliner Santiago 02

A high level of comfort, quality workmanship and pleasing design – this stylish electric recliner will be appreciated in both professional and home settings.

TON Santiago Footrest 02

With its simple and intuitive positioning, the Santiago footrest enhances seating comfort.

TON Santiago Relaxation Double 02

The two-person settee is a partner to the relaxation chair

TON Santiago Relaxation Triple 02

The three-person settee can be used as a sofa.

TON Santiago Folding Screen 02

The fold-out screen helps create a sense of privacy in shared rooms.

TON Table Delta 718

The minimalistic design of the Delta allows to use this table in a wide range of interiors and with diverse types of chairs

TON Table Lasu

A table with simple forms perfect for various interiors, thanks to the variability of the final finishing

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