Bonzer Ice Cream Scoop Collection

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We offer a selection of ice cream scoops from leading brand Bronzer, in a range of sizes to suit all commercial kitchen and cafes.

No.6 Diameter: 77mm Capacity: 139ml
No.8 Diameter: 71mm Capacity: 110ml
No.10 Diameter: 68mm Capacity: 96ml
No.14 Diameter: 61mm Capacity: 73ml
No.16 Diameter: 57mm Capacity: 59ml
No.20 Diameter: 55mm Capacity: 53ml
No.24 Diameter: 52mm Capacity: 45ml
No.30 Diameter: 46mm Capacity: 32ml
No.40 Diameter: 40mm Capacity: 21ml
No 60 Diameter: 36mm Capacity: 16ml
No.70 Diameter: 34mm Capacity: 14ml
No.100 Diameter: 29mm Capacity: 10ml

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