Departo Little Bowl

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SKU: CMCH0450 Chalk, CMCE0450 Celadon, CMTB0450 Tobacco, CMSG0450 Slate Grey

  1. General Details

    This little stoneware bowl is as timeless as it is tactile: a wide angle from base to rim means there’s no need to compromise between function and form, and the half-lip edge offers a talking-point design feature without needing to say a word. Ideal for individual snacks, the Little Bowl’s rims can also be combined to create a playfully tessellating centrepiece.

    Ceramic Sets

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  2. Technical Info

    Food / Dishwasher Safe


    Width: 11 cm
    Depth: 12 cm
    Height: 4 cm

    Package – Sold per case-pack:

    Unit/case-pack = 4 Units/Colour


  3. Finishes and Accessories

    Material:  Ceramic


    CMCH0450 Chalk
    CMCE0450 Celadon
    CMTB0450 Tobacco
    CMSG0450 Slate Grey

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