Departo Napkin (Set of 2)

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SKU: TXLV0510 Lavender, TXTB0510 Tobacco, TXOA0510 Oatmeal, TXCH0510 Chalk, TXSG0510 Slate Gray

  1. General Details

    Made from 100% linen in a range of natural tones for eminently elegant dining, these napkins are edged in contrasting colours and available in sets of two. The textile epitome of considered design and accessibility.

  2. Technical Info


    Length: 56 cm
    Width: 56 cm

    Package – Sold per case-pack:

    Unit/case-pack = 4 Units/Colour


  3. Finishes and Accessories

    Material:  100% Linen


    TXLV0510 Lavender
    TXTB0510 Tobacco
    TXOA0510 Oatmeal
    TXCH0510 Chalk
    TXSG0510 Slate Gray

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