Janus et Cie Eve Large

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SKU: Eve Large

The Eve apple is a striking sculptural element indoors or out. Available in multiple color and size options, eve is handcrafted of clay and organic pigments.

  1. General Details

    Unmistakably vibrant, the graffiti eve is an alluringly unique statement piece. Each apple is one-of-a-kind. The distinctive sculpture is moulded by hand and individually hand painted by a Portuguese street artist to include our iconic Janus et Cie topiary tree. A bold decorative object, the graffiti eve inspires intrigue in any setting, indoors or out. May be used outdoors in temperatures above 32° Fahrenheit.

  2. Technical Info


    Height: 10 cm
    Diameter: 12 cm
    Weight: 0.7 kg

    Extra Small
    Height: 15 cm
    Diameter: 20 cm
    Weight: 2.5 kg

    Height: 25 cm
    Diameter: 29 cm
    Weight: 5 kg

    Height: 32 cm
    Diameter: 39 cm
    Weight: 7.7 kg

    Height: 37 cm
    Diameter: 47 cm
    Weight: 12.5 kg

    Extra Large
    Height: 46 cm
    Diameter: 60 cm
    Weight: 21 kg

    XX Large
    Height: 62 cm
    Diameter: 75 cm
    Weight: 38 kg

    XXX Large
    Height: 80 cm
    Diameter: 95 cm
    Weight: 80 kg

    XXXX Large
    Height: 120 cm
    Diameter: 120 cm
    Weight: 100 kg

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