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SKU: 4MJ423

Versatile Design, Infinite Creativity. Unique Y-shaped legs, snug fit, natural oak or beech tops. Elevate your space with character.

Introducing the YYY side table – Versatile Design for Your Space. Available in three heights and diameters, these tables are a canvas for your creativity. The unique leg base forms the letter Y, adding character to your decor. With a dynamic edge, they fit snugly against walls or other furniture. Choose between natural oak or beech tabletops. One won’t be enough – explore endless design possibilities with the YYY Side Tables.

Comes in 3 Sizes

Dimensions: 80 diameter, table top thickness 20, height 35 cm in Solid Oak.

Dimensions: 60 diameter, table top thickness 20, height 42.5 cm in solid Oak.

Dimensions: 45 diameter, table top thickness 20, height 50 cm in Solid Oak.

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