Vidal Sassoon Hairdryers

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From traditional bonnet to hi-tech stylers equipped with cutting-edge technology, Vidal Sassoon has a great selection of hair dryers for all your needs.

  1. General Details

    Go Travel Dryer,
    Compact Travel Dryer

    Cord Keeper 2000,
    Easy Storage Dryer

    Elegance 2200 Dryer,
    Fast, Lightweight drying

    3Q Brushless Digital Motor Dryer,
    Quickest Dry for Healthy Hair

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  2. Technical Info

    Go Travel Dryer
    Compact Travel Dryer:
    2000W DC Motor
    Folding Handle
    2 heat/ speed setting
    Dual Voltage- 240/125v
    Accessories: Concentrator
    SKU VS5344A

    Cord Keeper 2000
    Easy Storage Dryer:
    2000w DC Motor
    Retractable cord
    2 heat/speed setting
    Accessories: Concentrator
    SKU VS289A

    Elegance 2200 Dryer
    Fast, Lightweight drying:
    2200w HDTC Motor
    Ceramic Ionic technology
    High-torque fan system
    3 heat/ 2 speed setting
    Cool Shoot
    Accessories: Concentrator
    SKU VSD5336A

    3Q Brushless Digital Motor Dryer
    Quickest Dry for Healthy Hair:
    2200W ultra long life brushless digital motor
    High ionic conditioning
    Airspeed of 150 km/h for fast drying
    Increased hair protection
    True cold setting
    Professional round extra long cord
    Ideal for long, thick and curly hair
    Accessories: Ultra thin concentrator, diffuser

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